Effortless Running Essentials

The Effortless Running Essentials program distills the key elements of an effortless running form from the East-african long distance runners and adds them into a structured, easy-to-follow, simple training plan that you can add into your weekly training plan. 

Take 10 to 15 minutes per session to work on running form before you start the set and before you know it, your old way of running will feel heavy and mechanical to you and the new way (thanks to the drills) will have your body moving like a gazelle, knocking seconds or even minutes off your time. 
  • You're rolling over the finish line having achieved your personal best time or distance in a way you never had envisioned before.
  • You've been seeing continual improvement in your running over the past weeks and months in a way that you could only have dreamed about before
  • You're pumped knowing that you're getting the best out of every training session
  • You're running better, faster, lighter, and more effortlessly than you ever have before
  • You've found a renewed LOVE for running where before it felt like a chore, and...
  • Your kudos on Strava or FB has skyrocketed 😎
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